Hale County Water Authority would like to notify all customers of a meter upgrade to the Hale County water system.  Hale County water is in the process of installing radio read meters, sometimes referred to as the “smart meter”.  Monthly meter reading will now be done by driving by your meter in a vehicle while a signal from the new meter will be transmitted to equipment located on the vehicle recording information from each meter.  Some of the information that is retrieved is the meter reading, leak detection and backflow operation. 

Some areas have already experienced the change in their meters.  This will be an ongoing process until all meters in the system have been upgraded.

As a result of the meter upgrade, data retrieved is indicating the required back flow preventer is not properly working at some addresses.  A backflow preventer is required by law for all customers through The Federal Drinking Water Act (1974), Environmental Protection Agency (1989), and Alabama Department of Environmental Management (1996).  A backflow preventer is a device that keeps contamination from the customer’s service to being returned to the water system.

Hale County Water Authority will be notifying customers by letter of the need to replace the back flow preventer if the meter data shows improper operation of your back flow preventer.  If you do not receive a letter at this time, the data retrieved from your meter indicates your back flow preventer is operating properly and you do not have to do anything at this time.  At any time data retrieved from your meter shows an improper operating back flow preventer, you will be notified by letter to replace your back flow preventer. If you have received a letter please follow the instructions as stated in the letter.  Failure to respond to the letter will result in termination of water service.

If your backflow preventer has been installed for a number a years and you would like to proceed with replacing it please make sure you install a dual check valve only.  It must be connected directly to the meter on the customer’s side of the meter.  It is also recommended a hand valve or cut off valve be installed on the customer’s side of the meter while you are changing the black flow preventer as there is a fee for the Utility workers to turn water off for leaks on the customer’s side of the meter.

Tampering with a water meter is considered a Federal offense.  In the event a meter is tampered with in anyway, the customer who has made the application for a water service will be considered the responsible party for the water meter.  Any and all legal issues or repairs due to tampering will be charged against the applicant for water service.

Hale County Water Authority is dedicated to keeping its customers with safe and clean water.  If you should have any questions, please contact our office at 334-624-8868.